Sports chalk improves the connection between hands and the barbell by absorbing sweat. It is used in athletics, weightlifting, kettlebell lifting, pole dancing, rock climbing, acrobatics, powerlifting, and other sports to provide good grip and protect against calluses, slips, and falls.

OxySPORT chalk is available in powder and gel forms. Both products will provide a secure and confident grip on gym equipment.

Weightlifters and gymnasts prefer to use our OxySPORT Powder and Gel products to preserve grip movements, while a tighter grip requires OxySPORT Powder R and OxySPORT Gel R products

OxySPORT Gel R and OxySPORT Powder R are made according to a special rosin-containing formula to provide a secure grip on equipment by imparting a slight stickiness. This chalk is suitable for all types of sports with weight training, including crossfit, bodybuilding, powerlifting, weightlifting, armlifting, etc., and can also be used in pole dancing.

For both beginners and experienced athletes, sports chalk helps to enhance athletic performance while preventing discomfort and injury associated with sports equipment and gym machines.

OxySPORT Powder R


магнезия спортивная
магнезия спортивная


Gel is an alternative to traditional and liquid chalk and an excellent solution for bouldering, speed climbing, kettlebell lifting, and pole dancing. The gel is applied to the hands before the sporting event and forms a stable layer of magnesium after drying, unlike liquid.

Benefits of the product:
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Fast drying and long-lasting protection
  • No dust
  • Ease of transportation and storage


магнезия спортивная

OxySPORT Powder is the most popular type of sports chalk used by rock climbers, gymnasts, and acrobats because of its absorbing properties.

Benefits of the product:
  • Ease of use and ease of dosage
  • Immediate effect without drying

OxySPORT Powder

магнезия спортивная

OxySPORT magnesium-based products

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